Handheld Device Markup Language File

DAP - Microsoft Access Data File

CFML - ColdFusion Markup Language File

DBM - ColdFusion Server File

DWT - Dreamweaver Webpage Template File

EDGE - Adobe Edge Project File

FWP - Microsoft Expression Web Package

CER - Certificate File Format

CFM - Cold Fusion Markup

HAR - HTTP Archive File Format

STC - What is STC File Extension?

PART - Partially Downloaded File

RSS - Really Simple Syndication

DML - DynaScript HTML File

PAC - Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file

RHTML - Ruby HTML Page

RJS - Ruby Javascript File

XD - Adobe XD Document


XUL - XML User Interface Language File

ZUL - ZK User Interface File

SHTML - Server Side Include HTML File


XSLT File Format

APKG - Anki Flashcard Deck File Format

ASAX - ASP.NET Server Application File

ASCX File Format

ASHX File Extension - An ASP.NET Web Handler File

ASMX - ASP.NET Web Service File

ASP - Active Server Pages File Format

ASPX File Format

BML File Format

CDF - Channel Definition Format

CHM - Compiled HTML Help File Format

CRT - Security Certificate File Format

CSHTML - ASP.NET Razor Webpage

CSS File Format

DHTML - Dynamic HTML File Format

DRAWIO - Diagram.net Diagram File Format

HTM File Format

HTML File Format

IXBRL - Business and Financial Reporting File Format

JHTML - Java HTML File

JS File Format

JSON File Format

MHT - MIME HTML File Format


Sass File Format

SCSS File Format

TPL - HTTP File Server Template

URL - Internet Shortcut File

VDW - Visio Graphics Service File Format

XAML - XML Based Markup Language

XBRL - Business and Financial Reporting File Format

XHTML - Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File Format

XML File Format

XOML - Windows Workflow File Format