CR File - Crystal Source Code - What is .cr file and how to open it?

PC File - Pro*C Source Code File - What is .pc file and how to open it?

F95 File - Fortran 95 Source Code File - What is .f95 file and how to open it?

CDX File - Alpha Five Table Index File - What is .cdx file and how to open it?

TSX File - React TypeScript File - What is .tsx file and how to open it?

FS File - Visual F# Source File - What is an .fs file and how to open it?

INO File - Arduino Sketch - What is an .ino file and how to open it?

CJS File - CommonJS Code File

EXP File Format - Symbols Export File

HPP File Format - C++ Header File

RB File Format - Ruby Source Code File

CSX File Format - Visual C# Script

Jav File Format - Java Source File

VCPROJ File Format - Visual C++ Project File

C3 File Format - C3 Source Code

CC File Format - C++ Source Code File

4th File - Forth Language File Format

GMD File - Game Maker Program Code File Format

NX File - LowRes NX Application File Format

CAF File Format - CryENGINE Character Animation File

AFPHOTO File - Affinity Photo Document File Format

ASVF File - Asphyre Sphinx Archive File Format

AU3 File - AutoIt v3 Script File Format

ASC File - Adobe ActionScript File Format

AS2PROJ - FlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File Format

AS3PROJ - FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File Format

ALB File - Alpha Five Library File Format

ACD File - RSLogix 5000 Program File Format

ADS File - Ada Specification File Format

AGI File - Asterisk Gateway Interface File Format

AIA File - MIT App Inventor Project File Format

AIDL File - Android Interface Definition Language File

Unity File - Unity Scene File

INC File Extension - What is an INC file?

YPR - BYOB Project File Format

RBXM - Ruby Javascript File

PYD File Format - Python Dynamic Module

PYI File Format - Python Interface Definition

PYM File Format - PYM Macro Preprocessor File

PYW File Format - Python GUI Source File

PYX File Format - Pyrex Source Code File

IN File Format - Autoconf Input File

SCRIPT - Generic Script File

SCM File Format - Scheme Source Code File

SCALA - Scala Source Code File

RST File Format- reStructuredText File

ML File Format - ML Source Code File

MM File Format - Objective-C++ Source File

HAML File Format - Haml Source Code File

DIFF File Format

GROOVY File Format

CMAKE File Format

ASI File - Alpha Five Variable File Format

ASM File Format - Assembly Language Source Code File Format

AWK File Format - AWK Script File

CXX - C++ Source Code File

EGG File Format - Python Distribution File

EX File Format - Euphoria Source Code File

NUPKG File - NuGet Package File

RBXL File - Roblox Location File

APKS File - APK Set Archive

XSD File Format - XML Schema Definition File

AML File - Microsoft Assistance Markup Language File

ABC - ActionScript Byte Code File

ANE - Adobe AIR Native Extension

APA - RSView Development Project Archive

NUT - Squirrel Language File

HTA - HTML Application Files

ERB - eRuby Language File

MRC - mIRC Script Language File

ICI - Programming Language File

IPR File Format - IntelliJ IDEA Project File

LGO File Format - Logo Instructions File

LUA - Programming Language File

PDE - Processing Development Environment File

R - Programming Language File

TCL - Tооl Соmmаnd Lаnguаge File

RS - Rust Programming File

AS - ActionScript File Format

GO - Gоlаng File Format

TS - TyрeSсriрt File Format

VBS - Visual Basic Script File

G4 - ANTLR Code File

PL File - Perl Script File Format

CONFIG - Configuration File

RES - C++ Compiled Resource Script

ADDIN - Visual Studio Add-in Definition File

APPX - What is an APPX file?

appxbundle - What is an APPXBundle file?

APPXUPLOAD - What is an .appxupload file?

APS - Visual C++ Resource File

MSIX - What is an MSIX file?

PAS - Delphi Unit Source File

HS - Haskell Script File Format

JSP - Java Server Pages File Format

JSPF - JSP Fragment File Format

C - C Language Programming File

CD - Visual Studio Class Diagram File

ARSC - Android Package Resource Table File