ENC File - Encoded File - What is an .enc file and how to open it?

INK File - Mimio Notebook - What is an .ink file and how to open it?

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MABK File - What is an MABK file and how to open it?

BKUP File - Generalized Backup File Format for Files Backup

XMZX File Format - What is it and how to open XMZX file?

CDR File Format - Crash Data Retrieval Data File

PRT File Format - Presentations Template

CBZ File Format - ChessBase Encrypted Database Archive

CS File Format - ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme

CFG File Format - Cal3D Model Configuration File

BPS File Format - BPS Malware file from SpywareCops

BPS File Format - Microsoft Works Document Backup

IPS File Format - iOS Analytics Data

USR File Format - SmartMusic Custom File

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BAK File Format - Backup File

BAK File Format - Chromium Bookmarks Backup

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BAK File Format - MobileTrans Backup

BAK File Format - VEGAS Video Project Backup

CRX File Format - Google Chrome Extension

FLA File Format - Adobe Animate Animation

ISN File Format - Installer Source File

LDB File Format - Microsoft Access Lock File

DOWNLOADING File Format - Pando Incomplete Download File

IPSW File Format - iPhone Software Update File

NOMEDIA File Format - Android No Media File

PKPASS File Format - Apple Wallet Pass

Torrent File Format - BitTorrent File

VIM File Format - Vim Settings File

VIMRC File Format - Vim Settings File

ART File - BERNINA Art link Embroidery File Format

BUP File Format - What is a BUP File?

OGG File Format - OriginLab Graph File

MSO - Microsoft Office Macro Reference File

DAP File - Download Accelerator Plus Download-In-Progress File

ENL File - EndNote Library File

ERR File Format - AutoCAD Error Log File

GPG File - GNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring File

OBB File Format - Android Opaque Binary Blob File

XMP File - Automation Markup Language File

XSMX File - SofTest Exam File Format

AML File - Automation Markup Language File

H4 File - Hierarchical Data Format 4 File

H5 File - Hierarchical Data Format 5 File

KLQ - Kaspersky Quarantine File

LOCK File Format - What is a Lock file?

LRC File Format - What is an LRC file?

CMS File Format - Connection Manager Service Profile File

CTG - Canon Digital Camera Catalog File

ICA - Citrix ICA File

RIS - Research Information Systems Citation File

RML - Elixir Report Template File

SSP File Format - Screensaver Producer Project File

THM File - Sony Ericsson Theme File

MD5 - MD5 Checksum File

ODF - OpenDocument Formula File

PES File Format - Brother PE Embroidery Format