PS1 File - Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File - What is .ps1 file and how to open it?

WS File - Windows Script - What is a .ws file and how to open it?

BIN File Format - Unix Executable File

CHEAT File Format - Navi Cheatsheet

JSF File Format - Java Script Command File

MLX File Format - MATLAB Live Code File

BMS File Format - QuickBMS Script

APP File Format - macOS Application Bundle

AIR File Format - Adobe AIR Installation Package File

XAP File Format - Silverlight Application Package

8CK File Format - TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Application File

ELF File Format - Nintendo Wii Game File

RUN File Format - Linux Executable File

AC File Format - Autoconf Script File

BTAPP File Format - uTorrent App

PYC File Format- Python Compiled File

AHK File Format- AutoHotkey Script File

XEX File Format- Xbox 360 Executable File

XBE - iOS Application Package File

IPA - iOS Application Package File

WSH - Windows Script File

PIF - Program Information File

REG - Windows Registry File

CMD - Windows Command File Format

What is an Executable EXE file?

MSI - Windows Installer Package File

MST - Windows Installer Package File

WSF - Windows Script File

COM - DOS Command File Format

CGI - Common Gateway Interface Script File

BAT - Batch File Format